In 2017 Good Guys won the Peta Award for "BEST VEGAN SHOES 2017" and in 2015 Good Guys won the Fashion.Net Award for "BEST VEGAN BRAND OF 2015" and the PETA Award for "BEST STYLISH CASUAL SHOES" .

 Good Guys has been featured in VOGUE, ELLE, FRANKIE, THRIVE, HELLO GIGGLES, The Huffington Post, NYLON mag etc..

EMMA WATSON chose GOOD GUYS as her favorite everyday shoes to wear during her last tour promoting her movie " The Beauty And The Beast". She's now a fan of Good Guys because she loves our STYLE and the ETHIC behind it and we are proud that she wears our designs and that she's part of the Good Guys aficionados !


In 2010 Marion Hanania, long time vegetarian, created the first Vegan french brand dedicated to shoes. GOOD GUYS is now a ‘must have’ for the fashionista and the ethical shopper alike as her designs quickly became the raddest cruelty-free-vegan shoes around.

The shoes are designed in Paris and manufactured in Portugal, sweatshop free and in a nice working environment. The use of materials such as microfiber, canvas and natural rubber result in a light, waterproof, durable and comfortable shoe. 

Good Guys received the « Peta Approved Vegan » label. 


En 2015 GOOD GUYS a reçu le prestigieux Fashion.Net Award dans la catégorie "BEST VEGAN SHOE BRAND" sur une selection de marques veganes international.Good Guys s’est rapidement imposé internationalement comme le “must-have” des fashionistas et des consommateurs “responsables”. 

En 2010 Marion Hanania créa la première marque de chaussures Vegan en France ! Styliste Parisienne et végétarienne, elle dessine ses modèles à Paris et les fait réaliser au Portugal, dans des conditions de travail éthiques et en utilisant des matériaux “Eco-Friendly” et non-toxiques. 

Good Guys est fier d’avoir reçu le label “Approved Vegan” par PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) qui leur a décerné également deux prix en 2014 et en 2015 pour “Meilleures Chaussures Hommes” et “Marque Vegan à suivre en 2015”.


Image: Kacie Tomita

Image Emma Watson credit @thepresstour