WALT BRANDY veg.suede/fake fur

130.00 On Sale

Lace up boots

Natural crepe sole
Vegan suede (microfiber)
Fake Fur lining
Breathable and resistant to sweat and heat

Due to the fake fur lining, you should order a size up (if you are a 40EU order a 41EU)

For all international orders (USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA...) please add a phone number to the delivery address.


  • 36 EU- 6 US (Women size)
  • 37 EU- 7 US (Women size) Sold Out
  • 38 EU- 8 US (Women size) Sold Out
  • 39 EU- 9 US (Women size) Sold Out
  • 40 EU-10 US (Women size) Sold Out
  • 41 EU-8 US (men Size) Sold Out
  • 42 EU-9 US (men Size) Sold Out
  • 43 EU-10 US (men Size) Sold Out
  • 44 EU-11 US (men Size) Sold Out
  • 45 EU-12 US (men Size) Sold Out
  • 46 EU-13 US (men size) Sold Out