•Because it is ecological
We certifies that an external laboratory has subjected the fabric to strict testing and has declared it to be ecological and free of agents harmful to health.

•Because they are made in Portugal
most of our components are made in Italy, Spain or Portugal.

•Because our microfibers are 100% recyclable
they have no enviromental impact because it is made from a polyester and can be easily recycled.


- Absorption – desorption = Total dryness
- High abrasion
- Antibacterial
- Anti-microbial
- Anti-odour
- Thermal regulation effect
- Maximum removal of water
- High tear
- High compatibility with gluing
- Strong resistance to Sewing
- Hypoallergenic
- Absorbent
- Washable (at 95º C without shrinking and conserving all its properties)
- Mouldable
- Oil repellent
- Option of creating customised fragrances
- Perspiration fastness
- Rubbing fastness
- 100% Breathable

Environmental impact:

- 100% microfiber
- Chromium VI-free
- Ecological CO2-free manufacturing system
- OEKO-TEX® Standard 100


It far exceeds the stipulations of the UNE-EN ISO 20344:2004 standard (R-09119381)

  • In accordance with the REACH regulations
  • In accordance with the legislation relating to azo dyes and chlorinated paraffins
  • In accordance with the 20882 IN: 2009 standard
  • In accordance with the UNE EN ISO 20344:2010 standard

The informations above are refering to our Microfiber, the one that we use for almost all our shoes, it is made in Europe and we call it Vegan.leather or Vegan.suede.
The informations above does not refer to the canvas, acrylic tweed or any other special material except veg.leather or veg.suede.
We also use a microfiber lining for ALL our shoes.

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