ARTIST SERIES #2- MATT GORDON Good Guys T-shirt (Limited edition)

Image of ARTIST SERIES #2- MATT GORDON Good Guys T-shirt (Limited edition)


MATT GORDON for Good Guys

Matt Gordon made a special drawing of our favorite characters, Poof (the cat) and Socky (the bat) for a special LIMITED edition of 100 T-shirts made in California. All our T-shirts comes with a Free MATT GORDON STICKERS

Black print on Cotton

At Good Guys (Don't Wear Leather) We make cruelty-free and Ethical shoes and we like Art and Artists, the Good Guys Series will showcase our favorite creative people for exclusive and original designs.

MATT GORDON is " a happy artist living and working in Plymouth, Michigan with his cat, neighborhood squirrels, pencils and paints"

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This T-shirt is unisex and comes with clear vinyl sticker for each purchase

Printed in the USA

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T-shirts can't be exchanged or refunded